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About North Star

North Star Leadership Consulting Group, LLC partners with leaders, organizations, and schools to develop people-centered and results-oriented environments where all stakeholders thrive.

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Lydia Glassie

Lydia is a native Philadelphian who grew up in University City/West Philadelphia, and attended public schools (HC Lea Elementary School, Middle Years Alternative, WB Saul High School) and a public college to study education.


Her life’s work has been to support families and students, and to work to dismantle the inequitable systems that thwart opportunities for families, especially those living in economically underserved communities.

Lydia has led many teams, both in start-up and turn around spaces, to realize a vision, think outside the box, and meet rigorous outcomes. She has had the privilege of working with phenomenal people to create transformational change including:

Working at John Hopkins University and Education Partners to lead the expansion of a school reform model on the west coast.

The company went from serving 0 schools in the west to serving over 200 in a few short years.

Coaching high performing teachers to get them principal ready in two years with the New Leaders organization.

Ten of the eleven aspiring leaders she coached became principals, and all are principals or other educational leaders to this day.

Founding, from scratch, a Knowledge is Power Program (KIPP) middle school in San Francisco.

The school served students in grades 5-8 and became the highest performing middle school in the city of San Francisco. The school performed in the top 10% of all schools in the state of California under her leadership.

Serving as the first Chief Academic Officer at KIPP Philadelphia Schools.

She oversaw the academic program, including region-wide adoption and implementation of new curriculum and intervention programming, as well as shifts in leadership development and practice. She also managed 5 Principals leading schools grades K-12.

Leading school investments at Philadelphia School Partnership that impacted over 5,000 students.

Over $6,000,000 was invested in district, charter, and parochial schools that serve economically low-income families.

Overseeing all executive, operational, and educational functions as the Chief Executive Officer for a school network in Philadelphia, New Foundations Charter School.

The K-12, 1500 student network, made significant progress in every grade level, in both English and math, after reopening for in-person learning under her leadership.

The myriad of leadership experiences she has had have shaped who she is as a Leader and as a Leader of Leaders. First and foremost, she believes environments must be people-centered and results-oriented to thrive. Nothing matters more than the talent you employ, develop, and invest in. And any organization is only as good as the results it produces for its stakeholders. These two principles drive the practices she employs when working with others.


Leadership must be intentional, purposeful, inclusive, and reflective to result in transformative outcomes.

When Lydia's not working directly with organizations and schools in support of families, she enjoys spending time with her son, Blake. Her son, who is in high school at Carver Engineering and Sciences, is the light of her life and just like every other parent/guardian, her world centers on him.

In addition to education and leadership development, she is passionate about global arts and culture. She co-founded Global Arts with her partner, Charles Nikiema. Together, they travel and enjoy live music.


North Star Leadership Background Gradient.png
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