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What Clients are Saying

Jim Kline

Senior Director of Program Strategy at a non-profit & former Administrator

Lydia is hands down one of the best leaders I've worked with in my career. She is warm, empathetic and caring, all while driving results and outcomes in big ways. Lydia's ability to push one's thinking, offer feedback and support and scope out big, overwhelming projects into actionable tasks means that she gets exceptional results for her teams. Lydia is the BEST. She truly cares about the work and the people she works with - and it shows in her results. Her focus on details allows her to get super in the weeds of a project or problem, while also having the ability to see the bigger picture vision. Her years of working in and around schools and nonprofits has led to her being able to navigate complex issues with ease and grace. I would not be the leader I am today if I wasn't coached by Lydia early in my career!

Leticia Dorado

Director of Aspiring Teacher Program at a non-profit

Lydia Glassie is a visionary leader who leads with heart and high expectations. She has a vision of excellence for all she leads and knows how to foster relationships that develop others' strengths and allows for growth while providing guidance, coaching, and strategic planning. Lydia is a leader who makes student-centered decisions and will elevate communities with teams of adults who commit to doing whatever it takes for the success of a school, organization, and those under her leadership. She founded one of the top-performing middle schools in a historically underserved community in San Francisco and has shaped the trajectory of many scholars' lives because of the love, vision, and opportunities she created. Many are forever grateful to have Lydia in their corner as a mentor, leader, and visionary who centers decisions around human values and the power of individual success.

Kristine MacDonald

Consultant & Former School CEO

Lydia's passion, experience, and deep belief in what is possible for students and communities make her a coach you want to have in your corner.  As my Principal, Lydia was a wonderful leader who would guide, model, show, and work shoulder to shoulder with her entire team.  With Lydia at the helm, nothing was impossible and her zest for problem solving collaboratively was inspiring.  Her vision and her work ethic, as well as her ability to build strong relationships with students, families, staff, and community members, was always apparent.  Lydia will ask the important questions to help you identify your priorities, develop new tactics and solutions, and align your work with the highest leverage strategies that will propel your growth.  She will also bring empathy, guidance, thought partnership, and humor to your coaching journey and you'll begin to develop new habits that help you, your team, and your community thrive.


North Star Leadership Consulting Group, LLC partners with leaders, organizations, and schools to develop people-centered and results-oriented environments where all stakeholders thrive.

Lydia Glassie

Lydia is a native Philadelphian who grew up in University City/West Philadelphia, and attended public schools (HC Lea Elementary School, Middle Years Alternative, WB Saul High School) and a public college to study education.


Her life’s work has been to support families and students, and to work to dismantle the inequitable systems that thwart opportunities for families, especially those living in economically underserved communities.


"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

Given the rich experiences she has had, she launched North Star Leadership Consulting Group, LLC in September 2022 with the intention of supporting leaders, organizations, and schools to meet the rigorous goals they have set to serve their constituents.

Led & Managed Large Teams

In both start-up and turnaround environments, to establish system-wide goals and drive outstanding results 

Overseen all Operational Aspects of Small and Medium-Sized Organizations

Managed large budgets, high-functioning Board of Directors, and multiple high-profile fundraising efforts

Created & Implemented Strategic Vision & Organizational Design

For high-functioning educational institutions

Recruited, Hired, Coached, & Managed Various Staff

Including principals, teachers, service providers, operations staff, and investment managers

Founded, Built & Led what Became the Top-Performing Middle School in San Francisco

School was a California Distinguished School, and among the top 10% highest performing schools in the state

Over the past 30 years, she has been fortunate to have:

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